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Board - Khanh


Khanh was born in Saigon, Vietnam. She was one of the “boat people” who escaped communist Vietnam in the early 1980s. After spending 2 years in the Sikiew Refugee camp in Thailand, Khanh resettled in Rochester, NY. She later moved to Boston where she has been working as a software engineer.


Khanh has been actively involved with organizing Vietnamese community cultural events since 2015, including the annual “Tet in Boston” Vietnamese New Year celebrations, “Trung Thu” Mid-Autumn festivals, annual commemoration ceremonies for Vietnamese historical heroes and heroines, and fundraising for disabled veterans from South Vietnam. She is also an active member of the Massachusetts Vietnamese Scouts Association, “Huong Dao Bach Dang,” and currently serves as the organization’s secretary. Khanh is proud of her Vietnamese heritage and is passionate about sharing her knowledge on the culture and maintaining Vietnamese traditions.. 

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